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1 Click Blog Post software


Anyone or anybody has his or her own idea of what to write about, but the question is on how to start or where to grasp the exact idea of what to write on. The most popular issue that you face each day. It is hard to write a blog post from scratch. Thinking and starting with no way to get started on a blank page is what really holds most people away from writing with such a huge idea.

That is mainly the reason why they cannot get something done or publish even one post a day. But what if you do not need to start from scratch anymore? What if you have a blog post about your own style, all done in just one click away. Introducing 1 Click Blog Post, one of its kind of WordPress plugins that can generate unique content from youtube in an instant.

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What is 1 Click Blog Post WordPress Plugin?

1 Click Blog Post UI

1 Click Blog Post is a new plugin tool to create blog posts using ideas, content, YouTube videos, and turn them into scripts and thumbnails. Today it is the power of copy-pasting that will be helping you. All you have to do is to find your topic, copy and paste it, and boom, you will have your new content instantly.

This platform will allow you to upload an unlimited amount of content per day and do not have to worry about making your own content idea. The best part is, you just need to find the best YouTube video with 1clickblogpost, it will turn them into scripts. If you already have your scripts, you can reuse them as the original copy, or use the idea to create your own content or articles. It is absolutely limitless!

Copyright issues will not be a problem even if there are ways to check and avoid it. The least you can do is spend time rewriting it using your own words. Paraphrasing would really help but with this platform, it will be easier and faster. I also read that you can use the original script in your blog making without worrying about anything. With 1clickblogpost, you can have your blog ready after a few minutes. That is fast and easy, right?

I believe that the software was created because of the people who love the quality content who should always stand out. A lot of us are different and unique and will always have a different point of view about anything. Especially with the people who love to read and write. These are the individuals who have a broad and explicit way to understand things. They tend to share their ideas and ideals in life. Imagine this: you have the creative ideas and with the help of this software, it will really help you a lot and will much broaden your thoughts while you are creating blogs every day with a fresh thought that is already enhanced from your own.

This will all boil down to the idea that the software is a great help for individuals who have a lot of ideas but do not know where and how to compose their thoughts. Technology is making us better and awesome each day.


Why Use ? (Features and Benefits)


Create Unique Content in an instant. It is a platform created to help anyone write high-quality blogs and articles from scratch. This is a huge help for everyone, especially for those individuals who aspire to create content or articles that have limited ideas on what to put on. With one click, instant help will be provided, and it will be easier to grasp and understand. It will also enhance your knowledge and broaden your ideas so that you can write more about a specific topic.

Create Good Quality Content. This platform is ideal because there are so many professional information sources that you can use and get ideas from. This is not only intended for blogs but also the ideas you can find in so many videos without spending hours watching and writing them down. It is a great help to save your time. It will make you do more instead of spending more time searching and reading to get ideas. As per the article I read, you can transfer any YouTube URL Link into a script for you to use. That means a lot! It is effortless nowadays. The technique is absolutely unique, as there is so much interesting content online.

Save time and effort. Imagine if you were tasked with doing a lot of content or blog making, it would be awesome and great ease for you. It is super easy to use. With this kind of platform, everything will be easy and terrific. Overflowing content and ideas are all around the corner.

Easy to Use. Simply input the Youtube Video and click, there’s all you need to do and see your content being generated.


1 Click Blog Post Pricing

Regular price at $97, you can get a 80% discount off now at only $22. Note that price subject to change without notice.

For a one-time fee, you get unlimited blog posts and content from videos.


Who should Use 1 Click Blog Post?

If your blog runs on WordPress and you need constantly need to post new fresh content, this plugin will come in handy for you to generate new fresh unique content on the fly. 

It can be a chore to constantly write unique and interesting articles and always thinking of what next to write. This plugin solve your issue instantly. 



This plugin is a must have for Content Marketers, Bloggers and anyone running their own WordPress that need fresh and unique content constantly. You can free yourself from writing and constantly thinking of new interesting article to write.

With just a click, this plugin can generate fresh content for you via youtube where you can add on or rewrite your content, a good kick start without having you to write from scratch. 

With its low cost price tag, this is definitely a must have for Bloggers and online marketers.

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