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AtomPark is an email marketing software which aims to provide essential marketing features necessary for creating effective e-commerce campaigns and marketing newsletters for most businesses. It helps in making email marketing services to be easier to manage.

Some of AtomPark functionalities include contact management, handling agreed and declined subscriptions, contact list management, performance tracking as well as sharing newsletters to get more audience. AtomPark will help you create creative designs for your marketing campaigns. It is also integrated with a tool that will help deliver bulk email marketing campaigns to audiences, extract emails, and also check email validity.

Its bulk email service has a spam checker that will help avoid emails being sent to be trashed into the spam folder of its target contacts. It also has the capability of automatically deleting bounced emails as well. AtomPark is also integrated with a feature that drives extract email addresses from external websites or by simply writing or searching keywords on other sites. Also, AtomPark lets you confirm the validity of email addresses by having some verification stages.

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AtomPark Features and Benefits

Atomic Email Software

To find out the best that will fit your business, it is a requirement that you fully understand how a certain service works and what will be the benefits you could get by using it. Here is to share some specific information on why AtomPark is mostly being chosen by growing businesses and learn the features that make all of it a successful story.

Mass Email with Minimal Effort

This software has a mail sender that enable users to design, manage and share emails easily. This also sends you the results which could be tracked and tested for evaluation. Its so-called Atomic Mail Sender has the capability of sharing bulk emails to the most number of recipients and audiences. AtomPark has an integrated SMTP which is also fit to be used on any SMTP servers available. Freedom of using HTML editors would be a great option as you encounter using this software. It is consists of multiple HTML templates that will help create a personalized email that suits your choices and style.

Easy Email Extraction

AtomPark software has an Atomic Email Hunter which helps you extract email addresses from external sites. By securing this, it will also keep you worry-free as it gives high quality and trusted contacts, plus the feature which lets you customize mailing lists. Its built-in software would help you automatically harvest more emails from any websites available. The information of the email addresses including its location, could be accessed by checking the origin and domain. And since it has access to social media sites, its plug-ins would let you extract from Facebook and other Social media platform.

Secure and Verify Email With Ease

This software has an Atomic Bulk Email Provider that gives its users a useful verifier. As it verifies email addresses on lists, this will delete the ones that are not active and will secure the legitimacy of the mailing lists. Users of AtomPark will surely enjoy the benefit of getting the 3-step verification processes and will ensure that inactive emails will be removed and that efforts will not go into waste. This means a more effective campaign for your marketing emails.


Is AtomPark for You?

Almost all businesses have their own distinctive needs and requirements and since sharing details to send brand awareness is part of each companies marketing process, AtomPark will really give a hugely positive effect on most growing companies to improve their marketing processes. It is designed to help and provide ease. Many businesses including small and established ones, non-profit organizations and many more will have access to enjoying AtomPArk.



Why settle for manual management if there is a more effective online solution to help process email marketing campaigns effectively. As AtomPark was made and introduced into the market, it could now be easily used through some clicks on your fingertips and let it help you do the work with less effort!

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