Collect Chat is a automated chatbot that help you interact with your customers 24/7 on a daily basis auto-pilot via a scripted questions and answer. You will get email notification on every user response. is easy to use and setup without any technical knowledge. No coding is required. Setup your flow using drag and drop templates. You can use this to collect leads round the clock.

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Why use Chatbots Tool?

New platform for your customers to interact with “you” on autopilot. Chat, generate leads and provide information to your client round the clock..

  • User friendly with ready template to get your chatbot up in speed. No technical knowledge required. Just drag and drop
  • Allows you to connect with other platforms like facebook, whatsapp and CRM ssytem
  • Value for money with free trial
  • Get immediate response via whatsapp
  • Improve user experience on your website

Collect.Chat Pricing Package

Chatbos offers free trial up to 50 response per month.. If you are ready to launch your bots and your response is more than 50, you can op for Lite Plan which cost only $19 per month which is manageable. You can opt for higher plan once your traffic and interactions grows.

  • If your plan is to host and email up to 500 subscribers: $19 per month
  • 50 Response: Free
  • 50 to 500 response: $24 per month
  • 500 to 2500 response: $49 per month
  • 2,500 to 5,000 subscribers: $99 per month

If your responses goes more than 5000 every month, do contact support for a value of money plan customised for you.

Key Features of Collect.Chat

  • Schedule Appointments: our chatbots auto asked and book appointments for you and organised in your calender automatically..
  • Leads Generation: Chatbots is proactive and get leads for you round the clock allowing you to grow your sales to new height
  • Drag and Drop Builder: Build your chat bots flow effortlessly without any technical knowledge. No Coding Required.
  • Integration with 3rd part apps: Allows you to interact with 3rd party app like CRM and Whatsapp.

Conclusion on Collect.Chat Review

Overall, chatbots is a must have if you want to grow your sales and provide user a better user experience. Other than collecting leads round the clock for you, you can setup Q&A and provide user more information automatically and the best part.. Effortless on your side.

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