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For online marketers and sellers, reputation is truly important as this will secure a potential buyer’s trust and loyalty. Securing software that will help make this organized is now possible. It is just simple as FeedbackWhiz is now made available in one of the biggest online market, Amazon. Amazon sellers do not worry anymore as most required actions are vast into one platform, making it cost-efficient and the best time-saving solution for most.

As a huge variety of online strategies are made available to provide a solution to all types of sellers and online businesses, most software developers ensure to give all services required by most companies in one go, making it easier to continue operations smoothly and gives more time to come up and focus on other diverse marketing techniques and improve profitability of the Amazon business.

Do you want to have some information that will help explain why most online sellers in Amazon use this product? Check and see some details featured and you would surely be given clarifications why most prefer this product.

feedbackwhiz dashboard


About Feedbackwhiz

FeedbackWhiz is an online solution made available for Amazon sellers to boost sales and secure positive feedback from buyers and users. Hence, making sure that the seller would gain more profit and makes the business a sure success.

As the name itself also reveals its main focus which is to get more reviews and feedbacks, this also goes available and useful for managing orders, automatic notification delivery, and automated email management. By making it possible to have all these features in one go, Amazon sellers surely get the positive ratings all online businesses are securing.

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Features and Benefits of Feedbackwhiz

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  1. Easy Order Management – Online sellers know that orders have to be managed productively to avoid concerns from buyers and this makes FeedbackWhiz stand out from all online solutions available in the market. All orders made, customer information, and also order status could be easily accessed and analyzed without complicated efforts. You could get all the needed information in one go by just going through a single screen. This gives online sellers a big chance to center their focus on marketing their products and do other operations needed for the business.
    feedbackwhiz order management

  2. Product Reviews – This online solution makes sure that all reviews posted could be easily grouped in one screen, and it gives easy accessibility to organize all in one shot. Amazon sellers could also manage and get automated notifications when negative feedback comes in, making it easier for the business to come up with a solution and improve their business.

  3. Feedback Management – FeedbackWhiz manages and builds personalized emails and online strategies to effectively get positive reviews from buyers. It features conclusive operations and techniques to maximize positive feedback that will maintain a good reputation for the business owner. Though negative reviews also come up from time to time as not all buyers have the same level of satisfaction, it was not considered a problem as it could be easily handled because it sends automated reminders and notifications when negative feedback was received. It gives more time for the seller to reach out to the unsatisfied customer and address their concerns and preserve their positive image to the market.
    FeedbackWhiz negative review repair

  4. Automated Email Management– Create an impressive email arrangement that is fit to the kind of products being offered, and tailored to all types of buyer’s personalities. Provide competent and customized construction of templates that will enable Amazon sellers to create creative variables, attach emojis and other helpful online features and many more.
    feedbackwhiz email automation

  5. Data Analysis – Manage and increase earnings by concentrating on helpful data shown and help come up with an effective decision. This show graphs and other analytics including rates, reports, and information from orders, reviews, buyer’s feedback, and other more useful information. Going into a major decision when operating a business is complicated in most cases, but FeedbackWhiz provides access to vast information which helps this challenge become an easy task. This ensures effective time management and gives a chance for other things to be worked on instead.

  6. Effective Tracking and Notifications Management – All updates and changes on orders could be easily monitored, reviews and feedback from buyers will be causing instant notifications to sellers making it easier for concerns to be worked on and improve strategies, updates on listings and other requests for order returns could now be tracked with ease. Making yourself updated gives an opportunity to come up with an impressive approach to all types of buying behaviors,- this lessens your costs and saves time from complicated efforts.

    Feedbackwhiz Pricing

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    Feedbackwhiz pricing is pretty much value for money as it ease many of your manual job in following up with customer. It start with a $0 plan with limited outgoing email to get you started. There are different price point catered for you as your business scale up which is a plus point as you can scale up your business without worrying too much on it.


    Who should use Feedbackwhiz?

    Amazon sellers are mainly the ones to benefit from FeedbackWhiz as it is designed to provide useful features that focus on sellers from Amazon online market. Integrated with technology and research perfect for users of Amazon when dealing with improving their brand reputation.



    FeedbackWhiz is trusted and suggested by most Amazon sellers, thousands of online sellers of Amazon already experience its features and benefits and why not have the chance to also make it possible for your business. An online solution integrated with useful benefits that enable you to protect your brand image and reduced the possibility of getting negative reviews. The more you have positive feedback creates a stronger reputation that attracts potential users or buyers, a smooth success for you.

    It is integrated with defined technology that makes FeedbackWhiz stand out from the market when looking for the best solution for reviews and feedback management and other features of this product are just an addition making it the perfect answer for Amazon sellers.

    Its simplicity does not limit its powerful component as it was designed to be user-friendly which makes it easier for sellers to operate with ease and minimal efforts but still perform competitively. So why wait and suffer from browsing through your old site and doing manual operations if there is an answer for you to go through other things to focus and still give you enough time to manage your Amazon business with straightforward and uncomplicated ways. It is time to boost your profitability with fewer efforts and complications with FeedbackWhiz.

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