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Most growing businesses have one common dilemma and that is to find the best and efficient management software to handle all leads and turn it into successful sales. Funnel CRM is created to bring this possibility to business owners as it features functions that include tracking leads and doing follow-ups without any hassle.

Along with it are other important features that bring business easy access to deal administration, creation of contact forms, and client database. A small and growing business will not be problematic anymore when they forgot to get or give an update to leads and customers as this software is designed to avoid this kind of instance and be worry-free.

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Funnel CRM Features and Benefit

FunnelCRM Cases

When Funnel CRM was introduced into the market, it was testified that most business that uses it has managed to get an efficient time and save more costs as it provides convenience and effective time management. Here are some features which will give ideas as to how it will benefit your company:

Contact Form Formulation

Most companies require creating contact forms and Funnel CRM makes it possible. This software enables most businesses to have their contact forms created by just following simple steps.

By the use of a form builder, this would give you the capability to create your contact forms even you are not technically skilled as it is designed to be user-friendly to all who use it.

Deal management

Generally, when checking your emails, it is always an issue to find and separate your work-related messages to other personal emails you have. It took time to find and check your inbox one-by-one. With Funnel CRM, it makes it possible for a business to have emails and messages be easily labeled and even have it characterized as to what type of sales inquiry was it. By having this, you would be able to focus on other sales operations and not waste time on checking this from time to time.

Customer Database

Other traditional sites and businesses will manually enter all customer information one by one and if you know how the market works, doing this will take too much of your time, instead of just doing other things more important. Funnel CRM software enables you to get peace of mind as once your customer’s basic information was entered, it will automatically populate other details that your clients have put into your contact forms. You may always have it updated from time to time when necessary.

Easy integration with Gmail

When you are in the office but not in front of the desk or maybe outside and a customer sends an inquiry, it will be easy for you to respond to it as it is integrated to Gmail. This will give you time and easy way to reply to their questions and it would also be recorded into your Funnel CRM software deal for tracking.

It is best when you are the type of person who is on-the-go, you will not need to hassle yourself from logging in to another service as you could just easily access your phone for it.

Proposal Management

Funnel CRM allows the business to use the finely formatted proposals to leads which may use the company’s name and logos. This will give a good impression to the possible clients and known to be effective for most growing companies.

Task management

With Funnel CRM, it is expected that most businesses would have an easier way to manage their activities and to-do lists in just one integrated site. It brings functions that will not let you slip important tasks or reminders and have you manage an easy way to take action into it.

By making sure that all other tasks are being managed, you could use your time to other important details for your business, a sure productive way for business owners.

Funnel CRM Pricing

Funnel CRM Pricing

With Funnel CRM starting plan at $10, it sure provide money for value for those who need to kick start their Customer Relationship Management system. There are of course multi-tier available as you scale your business to new heights allowing you to track all your customer details and status in one system.

Is Funnel CRM For You?

Most growing businesses or even freelancers would benefit from Funnel CRM. Here are most who could use and take advantage of this software:

  • Developers
  • Government/Private Agencies
  • Service Associated and Professionals
  • Real Estate Companies
  • Sales Consultants
  • Designers.



Do not worry if you are struggling on the start of your business as you may not be able to come up with an easy way to manage all functions and operations, Funnel CRM software is here to help you not to worry anymore. Funnel CRM features different ways of making it possible for all who are starting, even to solo businesses or freelancers to make it a successful sale.

If you are interested to experience its features and benefits, do explore Funnel CRM!

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