Manual management of all marketing processes within your team may take too much of your time and money. As there are different options available in the online market, finding the best and a suitable fix will be the answer to the success of starting business marketing campaigns. Sending marketing emails and newsletters is one of the main steps in Sales Marketing as it helps in spreading your products and services to your target market.

Once your brand was established to your target market, this will give a higher possibility of loyal clients which is essential to any business success. Make sure that effective email e-commerce is being practiced within the team to unravel more possibilities.

Kingmailer is a popular email marketing tool being used by most starters, small businesses, Sales Team and Entrepreneurs when spreading their brand to clients and leads. It helps you create and personalize your marketing campaigns which will make it more appealing to your contacts. With its inclusive features, it helps business shares marketing campaigns with all contacts.

It is an effective way of sending bulk emails to all target leads of your Sales team and lessen their work so they could focus on other details. With its simplicity and unique structure, Kingmailer is mostly considered by companies worldwide.

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Why Use Kingmailer (Features and Benefits)

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Automated Response System

Depending on the action of your website’s viewers, Kingmailer has an automated response integrated to lessen your work and time. This gives your Sales Team and opportunity to work on other important things to deal with which will help the company. Once an initial viewer placed and order to you, automated responses to gather all necessary information and continue with the sales process will be automatically made. Certain actions on your website are also equivalent to necessary canned responses available.


Mailing List Administration

Once your viewer sends a contact form, this will generate a list of leads and contacts which you could use for marketing campaigns of your Sales team. Automated responses are read to be sent for the list that will be generated. Making sure that processes will be smooth and hassle-free, this will then help generate possible clients and loyal customers.


Comprehensive Statistics Board

Kingmailer features an effective dashboard that details all the information about your email’s performance and effectiveness. This gives you a picture as to how many have responded to the emails sent, the number of unsubscribed newsletters and even unread emails. By securing this, your team may come up with a better strategy when it seems that it is not doing well for your Sales performance.


Navigate with Simplicity and Ease

With its easy navigation steps, all use and features could be learned without any complications. Stay relax while working as most companies who used the tool were impressed because of its settings and plain structure. As most people say, the simpler the better. You could customize your marketing campaigns based on your theme and preference.


Templates Available to Use

Communicating with a large number of contacts also requires an advanced way of sending all necessary information depending on what Sales process your contact is into. This is an important step in Sales Marketing that should be managed by most companies. Since most responses are the same depending on the initial action of website visitors, there are ready-to-use templates you could use and maximized. This saves time and money for the team and also helps you create effective and attractive newsletters for all customers.


Proper Handling of Subscription

Kingmailer enables its users to monitor the subscription of all contacts listed. This will give you information as to how many subscribed, unsubscribed and opens a way for you to manage your team more effectively.

There are a lot more features Kingmailer have and this includes A/B Testing, Web Forms Availability, Image Album, and others.


Kingmailer Pricing

Kingmailer Pricing

You could get all the features included in Kingmailer starting with $5 per month but there is still more to offer that will be perfect for your needs. With this affordable price, features inclusive within the product is a great deal for all.


Who should use Kingmailer?

Any companies which have a Sales team could maximize its features and benefits. Starting entrepreneurs and small businesses that require email marketing are always open to try and use Kingmailer. The low entry cost make it ideal for marketers to work on their email campaigns.



With the right marketing management and online solution on-hand, your Sales Team will surely be able to come up with effective ways of managing your business sales and marketing campaigns. Most businesses choose Kingmailer to ensure that everything will be on-hand and organized as it is created to bring convenience and a great experience to its users.

Kingmailer, as considered by most because of its innovative features is now available for all users who want to try. Experience working light and let Kingmailer do the rest.

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