Klenty - Dashboard

Klenty - Dashboard

All companies’ focus is to increase sales and how will it be maintained all throughout its operations. Klenty is a sale boosting software that assists businesses to connect to target markets using less complicated flows. This includes sending customized emails and automated follow-ups which will cause you less effort. Klenty is created to bring you an easy way of handling all the same processes in sales that you have to do for reaching out to customers.

Repetitive sales activities like sending introductory emails, getting follow-ups, managing adaptation rates for those who respond to the email sent, and many more. This will give you more time to focus on other sales processes that your business needs. Hence, another opportunity for you to handle other management operations needed.

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Why Use Klenty (Features and Benefits)

Klenty is introduced to provide convenience to the sales team as it helps in doing crucial tasks for getting a successful sale. There are a lot of compelling features associated with Klenty as to why it is mostly being chosen by international companies to work out with their sales. Here are some impressive benefits you could get when you use Klenty:


Brings Convenience on Managing Contacts and Prospects.

Klenty - Prospect

Finding contacts for your business may be easy as there are a lot of resources to get leads nowadays, but engaging to these prospects and have it as a successful deal may not be the same as expected. Klenty keeps you worry-free from these dilemmas because it helps in managing your contacts from the time it was imported from external sites up to sending follow-ups to the ones who responded to the initial email.

It makes sure to follow the step-by-step process on managing needed flows for your contacts to lead into loyal clients.It has an option to detect un-replied or bounced emails and have it tracked automatically and many more to ensure it is properly managed.


Does not Settle With Just Sending Emails, Integrated With Calling Too.

You may send emails to all but how will it be managed once they reply all at once. Remove the possibility of missing items which may lead to a client by making sure Klenty is being used. This software has an ability to keep track of replied, bounced and unread emails. Integrate replied emails with scheduling calls so this may go and lead into a better deal. You may record phone calls and recordings for playbacks. This will save more time for your sales specialists as they do not need to manually record and reach out to all contact list, let them just focus on engaging through phone calls and improve their sales skills which are essential parts once you see a possible contact.


Easy Access and Integration with Well-Known CRMs.

You may always transfer all contacts through Klenty and the choice of CRM you have with so much ease. By having access to Triggers and other Actions within Klenty, this will help create a compelling workflow to your CRM. This ensures cooperation within the team and secure up-to-date management.


Compelling Report Tracker and Dashboard to Monitor All Activities

Klenty - Automate Followup

Getting real-time updates by the team’s performance is really essential to monitor the success of your sales flows. Get all information to make this possible by viewing all details through a single dashboard screen which gives all details required.


Real-Time Monitoring of Website Views

Have an option to see and monitor your contact or prospect whenever they check your website. By then, you may come up with a strategy as to how you will respond and easily add their details on Klenty.


Excellent Customer Service

Behind the success story of a company is how their customer service team is performing. It cannot be avoided that there will be inquiries and concerns to a certain service or product so it is important to provide competitive front liners to check and assist your clients or contacts once they reach out. This will help improve your brand and gives easy connection through Phone, Email, and Chat once Klenty is used. You may also ask for help on getting the second opinion from Experts and Improve Sales emails and templates.


Klenty Pricing

Klenty Pricing

Klenty pricing start from mere $25 per month that include most of the necessary features. Those that need advanced CRM integration can top up and use the next tier “Grande” at $50 per month. The integration include other CRM system like salesforce and Pipedrive etc.



Who Should Use Klenty?

It is not limited to a certain industry or business. All Business operations that want to boost their sales could use Klenty. Retail Businesses, Online Sellers, Small Business, Property Sellers / Real Estate Companies are just some, but still open for all Selling companies with Sales Team. It is created to bring most companies the convenience and help they need. By making sure that everything is on track with required sales processes for the team, this will secure a successful result for any companies worldwide.



Who never wants to have more sales once you open a business? No one. Everyone is urged to get more sales and improve its processes in order to compete in the market. As the world is improving with the use of technologies and other things, it is essential for you to also be competitive by using powerful software at an affordable price.

Decrease the team’s assigned task and give more time for your Sales team to focus on other important procedures to come up with a plan and proceed with other options needed. Let Klenty do the first steps and take care of the rest. Improve your sales through Klenty with ease and less hassle!

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