Funnel CRM Dashboard

Funnel CRM

Most growing businesses have one common dilemma and that is to find the best and efficient management software to handle all leads and turn it into successful sales. Funnel CRM is created to bring this possibility to business owners as it features functions that include tracking leads and doing follow-ups without any hassle.

Atomic Email


AtomPark is an email marketing software which aims to provide essential marketing features necessary for creating effective e-commerce campaigns and marketing newsletters for most businesses. It helps in making email marketing services to be easier to manage.

Pipedrive Dashboard

Pipedrive CRM

Pipedrive CRM is a software solution being offered through different pricing options that could be clearly checked and understood. It gives an option for most to identify what will be the best for your finances as it has a choice for you to pay it monthly or yearly. Just like most, paying annually will be a better option for the finances paid.

AgileCRM Dashboard

Agile CRM

Looking for the best CRM software may not be as easy as finding some new trendy clothes at a shop. It takes a lot of effort and patience to find the best that will fit the business’ requirements and Agile CRM is designed to give the innovation and technology that most businesses would find essential for the team.

feedbackwhiz dashboard

FeedbackWhiz Review

FeedbackWhiz is an online solution made available for Amazon sellers to boost sales and secure positive feedback from buyers and users. Hence, making sure that the seller would gain more profit and makes the business a sure success. As the name itself also reveals its main focus which is to get more reviews and feedbacks