Pipedrive CRM

Pipedrive Dashboard

Pipedrive Dashboard

Pipedrive is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that mainly focused on providing applications and technologies that are more focused on processes and sales of its users or companies. Its simplicity and style are created to uplift its clear steps on setting up applications that are easy to follow and set-up. Ready-made integrations without any codes and built-in setups are just some of the usual things that could be recognized and identified for most of its users.

Managing sales reports and forecasting sales analysis will just be within few clicks as Pipedrive offers clean and simple slate for its clients to organize. It does not have a requirement for contracts, and with the use of a clean UX, Pipedrive CRM could be easily experienced by most companies who would like to use it. Its features and graphics may be classic and simple, but its uses and benefits are competitive enough to be treated as one of the best CRM software for most sales companies worldwide.

This CRM software has a clear and natural interface that does not bring any type of complications to its users. It is known for its clear and vast straightforwardness as organizing all details could be easily set up through a pipeline. With just simple steps of dragging or dropping some details and information, it is clearly known for its ease and effectivity when being used by most companies. This CRM gives plain and transparent solution for most growing sales businesses and will surely be a top choice.

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Pipedrive Pricing

Pipedrive Pricing

Pipedrive CRM is a software solution being offered through different pricing options that could be clearly checked and understood. It gives an option for most to identify what will be the best for your finances as it has a choice for you to pay it monthly or yearly. Just like most, paying annually will be a better option for the finances paid. It also offers different tiers that are based on your preference and set-up, all given so you could get the best for your budget.

This software does not require you to sign up for any contract so you could always have your plans modified and upgraded anytime in need. It brings complete and clear information as to what could be expected for each plan given so surely that proper expectations are set and provided.

Its value for money with price starting from $12.50 per month.


Pipedrive CRM Features and Benefits


Pipedrive Activity

Pipedrive is known for its clear and simple guide for usage. It could be easily personalized by its users and offers multiple features for you to use and experience, here are some features for you to see and understand:


Clear and Viewable Sales Pipeline

Pipedrive is essentially known for its highly visual features that are not complicated to follow and understand. Its features sales pipeline would allow its users to see and monitor transactions with customers. Its clear workflow will offer information that is important for the team to organize, from checking contacts and leads that are not yet invited or communicated up to the list of contacts with submitted proposals. This visual would give you a clear guide as to what to expect and easily organize all other processes for your sales and marketing processes.

Notifications and Reminders

As mostly being offered by most CRMs, it is one of the most basic but truly an essential part and that is to keep the company be updated with changes and updates. Pipedrive brings its users reminders and notifications so you will not surely miss an important appointment or event. Its users could either receive it through email or even on the mobile when on-the-go. Once updated, this CRM also offers an option for you to easily call your client through its click-to-call feature. 

Canned Responses / Templates

Most companies need lists of templates and organized responses for all inquiries and possible lead inquiries. Pipedrive is designed to give an efficient list of templates that are mostly updated from time to time to support and sustain service to its users.


Pipedrive is mostly visual and is easy to understand. Its features and look are integrated with applications that could also be experienced and customized anytime. The option for you to easily drag and drop workflows and changes through the interface is also one thing that you would surely enjoy as a user. This could always give you the freedom to design and implement applications based on your sales flow and management.

Clear Visual for Statistics

Pipedrive Statistics

One of its trusted features is its Statistic tab which offers visibility for its users to analyze all sales processes and performance. This helps its members to focus on plans and strategies for boosting sales and marketing for the company.


Is Pipedrive CRM for you? 

By getting all the information about how Pipedrive works. It is clearly offering a huge list of benefits for most sales and marketing companies. Here are just some of the companies or teams that could take advantage of its features and benefits.

  1. Small businesses
  2. Medium businesses
  3. Freelancers 

    If you need a CRM system to track your leads and its associated activities, then this Pipedrive CRM is definitely for you.


    Conclusion on Pipedrive CRM

    Pipedrive is a testified solution for teams that are looking for CRM software with high confidence of ease and simplicity. It may not be as technical with its features but this tool is designed to provide the most natural way of organizing all information required for the sales process. From viewing and adding all contacts and leads, maintaining and setting appointments for all transactions, easily customize features and other workflows that would help the team be organized with the next status, having all teams updated with events and reminders, are just some of the features that Pipedrive will be contributing when used and experienced.

    Pipedrive still has some limited technical capabilities but further information could be supported when assistance is required through its available support anytime in need. Its live demos and training which are also supported through multiple languages available would make it easier for you to understand how the CRM software works. All support available will just be few in few clicks, but may not be required as Pipedrive is designed to provide simple and user-friendly instructions to its users.

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