Email Marketing Tools

Email Marketing is a common yet effective way of marketing for business to engage with prospects. Most businesses will have a means of collecting clients email either through newsletter signup or landing page. Businesses will then engage and promote their latest products and updates to their prospects through emails which is probably on of the fastest and cost effective way.

There are few email marketing tools on the market with various packages to suit every business needs and requirements. Most tools will have email templates for already being designed to expedite businesses in their emailing. There are 2 types of email editors which is either text based or HTML based editor that can include table form and graphics being included in the email.

Business will have to create lists and properly segment their list based on demographics where subscribers will provide their name and email addresses. Most email providers will have workflow where there can be a sequence of automatic emails being triggered based on certain conditions.

On the market, there are numerous email providers that varies in term of functionality and cost. Most providers cost varies with the total of subscribers, though there are some email providers that doesn’t increase cost based on subscribers but by number of email sent. Which providers you choose depends on your budget, number of subscribers and the frequency of emails being sent out.


Common Email Marketing Features

  • Managing List: There will be a function to create new list to capture new leads, be it from landing page or web forms.
  • Segmentation: Contact List can be segmented based on different features like demographic, industry etc
  • Email Templates: Ready made templates ready for delivery
  • Schedule Delivery: Emails can be scheduled to send on certain scheduled timing
  • Mass Send: Emails can be schedule or send immediate in bulk
  • Reporting and Analytics: Track open rate, link click, bounce rate, unsubscribe etc


Considerations in Selecting Email Providers

Degree of Personalisation

Depending on your requirements, at times, you will need to send emails that include personalisation such as their name etc.

Mass Delivery Capability

Depending on your total number of subscribers and frequency of emails, your email provider should be able to mass send and support the total number of emails being sent on the schedule timing based on the assigned segmented list.

Mediums being adopted by Your Prospects

With more users now on mobile devices like mobile phones and tablets, your email providers should be optimise emails to be mobile friendly for viewing on these mobile devices.

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Showing all 2 results