Internet Marketing Training Courses

Be it on the PC, tablet or even mobile devices, everything is well connected nowadays on the Internet. There are also many platforms to reach out to prospects, whether via social media, search engine, email, messenger etc.

Whether you like it or not, the world is going digital, with almost everything can be found online. Digital marketing is on the rise with advertisers spending tons of money doing digital marketing as user spend more time online. Internet world make it easier for prospect to search what they want versus traditional marketing channels although there are still some with still prefer traditional channels like newspaper.

Digital Marketing can reach out to more audience within a shorter period of time and also allows audience to interact in real time to grow one brand. Email marketing or social media campaign can reach a wide audience for a fraction as compared to TV advertising. Setup is simple too as one can setup a campaign probably in less than an hour.

Digital Marketing

Type of Advertising Platforms

  • Search Engine: Google, Bing, Yahoo
  • Social Media: Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, Instagram etc
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Blog Marketing

Criterias in evaluating Marketing Metrics

It is important for a business or sole proprietor to know which are the best platforms, tools and strategies for them to reach their prospect with the best Return on Investment (ROI). With more people using mobile devices, that is another sector one can’t afford to miss out.

Other than having a good product, reaching the right audience at the right time will definitely improve the marketing efforts

  • Laser Targeting audience
  • Cost
  • Expected ROI
  • Free Traffic

Below are some of online marketing courses to get you started.

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