Private Proxy Review

Private Proxy and VPNs evolved due to strict restrictions and censorship that restrict content in various countries on the Internet. When you get online on the Internet, you will be assigned an IP Address that address your location and country. Having a private proxy will hide your real IP address and geographic location, allowing you to stay online anonymous.

About Private Proxy

Private Proxy is a dedicated IP that hide your public IP address when you are on the Internet. The private proxy will be used by only one party at a time exclusively, thus providing fast speeds even at peak hours.

The main consideration of using private proxy is to stay anonymous when going online to bypass certain restrictions implemented that restrict viewing of certain content by countries. Using the private proxy will hide your real IP address and your actual geographic location. It will also prevent search engines from banning your IP address if you violate their terms and conditions.

Choosing the Best Private Proxy Package

Choosing the right private proxy is important for you to stay anonymous and also to prevent search engine from banning your IP Address when your online activity violate their terms and condition. All proxies aren’t the same. Thus you have to be tactical when choosing the right private proxy yet within your budget.

Some of the considerations can be speed, bandwidth, diversity and package (price).

Advantages of using Private Proxy

  • Anonymous. Hide your actual IP address and geographic location. Your activity online can’t be tracked
  • Dedicated IP. Normally you an choose from various IP addresses from various geographic locations.
  • Fast Speed. Fast speed even during peak hours as it is exclusive. The private proxy only serve one user at any point in time. Most private proxy has unmetered bandwidth.
  • Remove Restriction. Hiding the actual Ip will hide user actual geographic location which certain country restrict access of certain content by geographic location. Using proxy private will remove this restriction.

Recommended Private Proxy Providers

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