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The time has come for every online business to incorporate videos as part of their marketing strategy. Although video marketing has been around for quite sometime, the rapid growth of digital content creation is quite the hype these days due to its importance across all media channels.

Aside from Google as the most used website across the globe, two other sites which make it to the Top 3 spot are Youtube and Facebook respectively. The first being a video-sharing website where a billion of daily users including businesses are linking through it. While Facebook, on the other hand, being a social media platform that has over a billion active users on a daily basis.

Emails and newsletter options are being answered by 46% of the consumers during the survey.  Websites with videos incorporated on their landing pages, sent through emails, have potentially converted viewers into 80% sure buyers.

Creating a video has to be simple yet engaging. The more raw it seems, the more authentic it becomes for your content to reach your audience. And this is where a video marketing tool does its part.

Video Marketing Goals

When creating videos to describe your brand online, be sure to determine your goals in doing so. Here are some factors to consider that will help you unlock your video marketing strategy:

Know Your Audience

Sure, there are plenty of users online with varying demographics depending on age bracket, location/region, race, interests, gender and the likes. Who would you like your buyers gonna be? Is your content going to be appropriate for the type of audience you are targeting?


Filming your video may cost a lot depending on the materials being used, the production setting, people involved etc. but it doesn’t really have to be very expensive if you know how to set your budget right.


Identify what’s the purpose of creating a video for your business. Is it about launching a new product/service? Or is it going to be promoting your brand? Perhaps, inviting your audience to an event you are hosting? Whatever is your purpose, make sure it will be nicely presented throughout the video.


Set a specific period or date for you to complete your video. It may be in a weeks time or two months from now. Be sure you got your resources covered throughout your expected timeline.


Well, the run time of your video depends on the type of campaign you are trying to promote. It doesn’t really have to be long unless needed. For Facebook videos, it ranges from 30 seconds to 2 minutes but the ideal length would be around 60 to 90 seconds. While on Youtube, the average length on a daily basis is around 8 minutes.

For podcasts and interview types of videos, it can be 30 minutes or more than an hour. There is also live streaming for both video platforms which doesn’t really require any editing skills and may have a longer duration that usual.

Different Types of Videos for Marketing

There are several types of videos for you to present or depending on the marketing goals your business would like to achieve.

Brand Videos

These are widely used for commercial advertisements highlighting what your brand is all about. This is where you let your audience know what your company entails which may include its vision, mission, scope, products & services and the people behind its name by creating brand awareness towards your targeted audience.

Informational Videos

Also know as How-To’s Videos, Instructional videos or video tutorials. When promoting for a product or explaining a certain topic of your viewer’s interests, informational videos are often used and briefly establish a solid foundation to fully understand the nature of your business. Present something new to their tables and win their hearts with the knowledge you are trying to impart.

Live Videos

This type of videos for marketing normally has a longer run time especially when you are trying to showcase your business by touring around the company or do some side trips from one place to another, filming an event and even a live demonstration on how your product works as well as leaving some comments or feedback when comparing items.

Demo Videos

It can be the same as live videos when un-boxing a product and testing its features even demonstrating how it works but since it is pre-recorded, you can always edit and add some effects to better draw your audience’s interests.


One way to really connect to your audience with trust and authority is by doing interviews from prominent individuals sharing the same business interest that you offer or even getting a live testimony from someone’s experience who has something good to say about the product or service you’re promoting.

Animated Videos

If you can’t do any live films and presentation, animation is also one of the interesting way to catch your viewer’s attention. Here you can also incorporation audio effects, caricatures or even info graphs. Be creative as you can. Even add a little humour for some added entertainment.

Story Films

This is a short clip comprises of fictional characters while trying to tell a story in line with the product or services it portrays as a business solution.

Event Videos

Start filming especially when your business is hosting an event such as concerts, games, pageants, conference or even organising a fun run, sponsoring a foundation or promoting a cause. It would be boring to explain it in details via text right? Let your audience see it in action at the same time, this will let you establish a trusted identity to the brand you’re holding.

Other Types

As technology greatly advances, there are other video types to use in order to market your business via video creation such as 360° videos and virtual reality (VR) which can be viewed through Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift. There’s also the augmented reality (AR) to let your audience digitally experience how your product would look like when pointing the camera into space.

Video Marketing Tools

Video Marketing involve marketing of your video or live video to various video publishing sites like Youtube, DailyMotion, Blip, Vimeo etc. Marketing a video involve more than just publishing on those sites. It involve ranking based on each video optimising. Different sites will have different requirements on which video to rank for videos targeting the same video.

The following are some Video marketing tools on the market that Internet Marketer uses.

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