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Choosing the right Web Hosting Company is critical yet can be confusing as there are so many web hosting companies out there. Often, you only know the issues when you signed up for the package. Some of the common issue include No Support, Security Issues, Speed Issues etc to name a few. Thus, its crucial to read our review and know more about the web hosting companies and package before you jump onto it.

About Web Hosting

Web Hosting is a service which allows you to host your website so that your website is accessible on the Internet. Web Hosting Companies have servers in data centre. They sell web hosting package which are partitioned space on the web server, often known as Shared Web Hosting. Some Web Hosting Companies also have dedicated server whereby you will have dedicated server been assigned to you without sharing with other users. This will allow you to have more capacity in term of speed, memory and server storage space.

Choosing the Right Web Hosting Package

There are free web hosting, $1 web hosting to couple of hundred dollars web hosting packages to choose from. Some of the web hosting have different web applications such as 1 click install, cpanel, forum application, wordpress application etc available to support your online web hosting requirements.

Of course at the end of the day, its about choosing the best package and company for your budget and requirements.

Common Web Hosting Requirements

Choosing the right Web Hosting Package is critical as you won’t want your website to be hindered by any technical issues and lack of support. Some of the web hosting providers lure you purely based on pricing. While its a good pull factor, but still, the last thing you want is after paying “peanut”, there’s no “monkey” behind support you. Its human nature to want value for money and good stuff isn’t it?

Some of the common web hosting requirements to consider include

  • Compatibility. Which operating systems can your application run on? Double check what kind of operating system your application support before deciding the web hosting provider
  • Bandwidth. Is your website going to be graphics or video intensive that is going to consume a lot of bandwidth? Some claim “unlimited” but when you hit certain threshold, the provider will ask you to upgrade. So do keep in mind the upgrading package and the cost.
  • Support. Support is something that i keep a lookout for. The last thing you want is to realise that there’s nobody behind to support after you signed the package. A good way to test this is to test the Live Chat first to ask any prior question and see how fast they respond and if they willing to help.
  • Reliability and Uptime. Most of the Web Hosting Provider provide relatively good uptime period from 98 to 100% uptime. Some will also push the blame to you for coding error, plugins conflict etc, which can happen too. At the end of the day, its about getting the site up, thus reliability and support is important.
  • Shared versus VPS versus Dedicated. Depending on your needs, you likely need to explore upgrade package once your site grows and get more complex and consume more bandwidth.
    • Shared Hosting. As the name implies, Shared Hosting refer to a Server that share resources like memory of cpu usage with other user. This is often great for start up and website that are not so bandwidth or cpu intensive, and most important, often most cost effectively.
    • Virtual Private Server (VPS).  VPS is like Shared Hosting but at a higher level with more dedicated resources from memory to CPF processing usage, though it might still be sharing the same physical server. This version will come in handy when your site consume more resources yet need to keep the cost low.
    • Dedicated Server. Dedicated Server will let you have your own server, without sharing with other user. Often, you can have full administrative rights and configure the way you want to. Ideal if your site is more complex and consume much CPU and Memory Resources.

TOP rated Web Hosting Companies

RankCompanyPrice Per MonthUptimeLoad TimeRatingWebsite
1Siteground$3.9599.99%716ms5 out of 5 stars Get Package
2Bluehost$3.9599.99%427ms5 out of 5 stars Get Package
3A2 Web Hosting$3.9299.90%367ms5 out of 5 stars Get Package
4iPage$1.9999.98%821ms4.5 out of 5 stars Get Package
5Hostinger$0.8099.80%384ms4.5 out of 5 stars Get Package


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Showing all 11 results