Singapore Web Hosting Review

Should you consider a local web hosting company in Singapore versus another international web hosting companies? Does it helps in ranking your website in Google SERP?

For businesses which are based locally in Singapore, it helps in SERP to adopt Localised SEO techniques. That is to list your site in local directory with local address, local classified, links from local sites and web hosting locally in Singapore. When a user perform a local search for a business within a certain area, google will return results that are more localise and relevant where the user live in.

Another huge benefit of local web hosting is speed. Local web hosting generally load faster as the distance between the 2 points are greatly shorten for local hosting. Speed is a criteria for website ranking to enhance user experience.

Overall, a local web hosting in Singapore will have major benefits for SEO for localise SERP, thus driving the right targetted traffic to your website. There will be International web hosting companies that are based in USA, however, they do have multiple datacenter that are scattered around the world, including Singapore.

Below we analyse different web hosting in Singapore based on Speed, Uptime, Cost and Support.


Top Rated Singapore Web Hosting

RankCompanyPrice Per MonthUptimeLoad TimeRatingWebsite
1Siteground$3.9599.99%241ms5 out of 5 stars Get Package
2Vodien$3.9599.99%129ms5 out of 5 stars Get Package
3A2 Web Hosting$3.9299.90%152ms5 out of 5 stars Get Package
4Hostgator$2.7599.98%195ms4.5 out of 5 stars Get Package
5iPage$1.9999.80%255ms4.5 out of 5 stars Get Package


Other Recommended Singapore Web Hosting

Showing all 8 results

Showing all 8 results