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If your website wants you to show online you should have a reliable and affordable web hosting partner. You can become the iPage partner if you are looking for. IPage offers the best quality service for small and medium-sized businesses at very low cost. Since 1998 luck has been in business. For customer service, they have extensive experience, state of the art technology and friendly and professional knowledge and help provide high quality.

iPage delivers quality service and affordable cost. This company provides a 99.9% guaranteed time-consuming guarantee without any inappropriate interference and site issues. Make sure your business is a great feature and always up and running. Their servers have maximum uptime certainty and are sophisticated enough to guarantee.

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iPage is a Web hosting service that boasts an exceptionally liberal shared Web facilitating bundle, as well as a rock-solid virtual private server (VPS) and a delicate server offering for the individuals who require a stronger foundation for in web hosting and have the potential to be one of the best in business. The Hostgator, DreamHost and PCMag Editor’s Choice for novice webmasters, the Choice-packed Editors’ Choice designed for more advanced webmasters, is an uptime issue and lack of uptime based servers in Windows prevents iPage from fighting.

To create Websites, iPage offers an extensive variety of web facilitating answers for online organizations and website admins. iPage also offers one of the least expensive and ease shared web facilitating bundles that are perfectly suited for small sites. The intuitively based builder of the site also gives them the ability to search for no techy users to make a site with no coding learning. iPage is owned by Endurance International Group with a web hosting and domain registration company. iPage was founded in 1998 as a full web service provider, but the company has completely changed and returned as a Web hosting provider in 2009.

iPage Web Hosting Package


iPage offers three types of hosting plans, from shared hosting to VPS and delicate servers. Let’s look at the plans for them.

Shared Hosting Plan – iPage offers a shared hosting plan that includes unlimited websites, disk space, MySQL databases and email addresses. During the signup process, you will be able to get a free domain name as well as the ability to use the company website builder. You can create your website using a simple drag-and-drop interface instead of requiring a code this way.

iPage has started with a low-spending web facilitating supplier for bloggers and new companies. The plan provided by iPage hosting keeps on being one of their most mainstream designs. You will appreciate the accompanying highlights as it is only $ 1.99/per month.

Unlimited Disk Space & Email Address
Free Domain Registration
Free Security Suite
Free Site-Building Tools
Free Online Store
Free Search Engine & Marketing Credits
Green Powered by 100% wind energy
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Virtual Private Servers Plan – You may consider the VPS hosting plan that iPage offers if your blog starts to see some serious growth. These plans are available in three tiers each with different traffic limitations, RAM, and storage space. Depending on the needs of your website you can choose from a number of available resources. As with a free domain name every step allows you to take advantage of benefits, transfer options, high-speed storage, and support clock support.

Dedicated Hosting Plan – With thousands of daily visitors for blogs iPage offers three-tier hosted, hosting plans, similar to VPS hosting, you will get your own fully managed server with no additional cost for exceeding your resource limits.

For anyone to launch their first blog, iPage is a great choice and has the ability to have customer support available at all times. It’s also a decent choice for blogging for a while and wants to monetize their blogs with digital products or courses.

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iPage Overall Review
  • Functionality
  • User Friendly
  • Support
  • Value for Money

Pros of iPage Web Hosting

Often there are client created surveys in view of tales and individual encounters, there are many iPage reviews that register online. As mentioned in all reviews in hosting, there is no such thing as a “best” web have. Based on your goal everything is about an ideal choice for your undertaking, budget, experience, and expertise. For iPage’s sake here are the advantages.

Plan & Feature Simplicity – The company’s plans rarely match so hard to make direct comparisons. One of the biggest hostages in the hosting industry is the confusion of pricing plans.

Support Channels – iPage support pro like email, ticket, phone and chat is available 24/7 on all support channels. They make it easy to find and simply use all of their channels.

Price – The price you can lock for the lower $ 1.99 per month, which is a relatively affordable company hosting and a really good deal to stay in.

Promotion – iPage promotion online is almost weekly that you can save a lot if you sign up for the hosting package at the right time.

Bonus – iPage provides nearly $ 500 bonus for anyone who signs up with them, iPage is one of the most generous hosting companies. The bonuses they provide are $ 100 Bonus on Google Ads, $ 50 Bonus on Ads on Facebook, $ 25 Bonus Ping and Yahoo Ads, Free Domains, and Enhanced Security Software (over $ 100 amount).

Host Unlimited Domains – If you think this is a great deal, a hosting package will allow you to host unlimited domains.

Money Back Guarantee – No other hosting company out there offers any time behind the guarantee yet. Here in iPage offers any time of money back guarantee.

iPage Overall Review
  • Functionality
  • User Friendly
  • Support
  • Value for Money

Cons of iPage Web Hosting

iPage has disadvantages, like any web host. iPage’s complaint is online. Many are valid, and some are simple anecdotes. The vulnerabilities found on iPage while being used for hosting.

No cPanel – iPage does not have cPanel, it has its own panel interface, so anyone who wants to switch from cPanel to their panel can take hours.

Not the Lowest Price – One of the most affordable hosting companies is iPage, but this is not the least.

WebSite is Slow – Some people say online that their website hosting iPage is a bit slow.

Downtime – Almost once a week their websites are down.

Addon domain – You need to manually create a new folder and then point the domain here because it does not automatically create a new folder for you when you add the domain to your iPage hosting. Otherwise, it will only point to your root domain.

Unfair – The price of what they are being signed up for may be somewhat more expensive, some people may feel relieved.

iPage Overall Review
  • Functionality
  • User Friendly
  • Support
  • Value for Money


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