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Social Post Magic

Social Post Magic is a cloud-based technology that lets you connect to the web’s largest social networks. Yahoo, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, Reddit, and MORE. Have material at your hands without work. Post in one click to all places. Schedule the updates from one dashboard, RE-Schedule and do it again.

Everybody recognizes why they need to do more on social networking. But here’s the most common reaction. I Have No Opportunity!”I don’t Have Time!” Social Post Magic brings the influence of technology into your social network ads through integrations with many of the big cloud computing suites.

Link your social media to the website instantly and build, plan and handle your organization from one simple platform. EXPLODING Of Social Networking – Someone who needs to get more profits, more viewers… Posting daily, having it current and up-to-date. You can’t allow yourself to be seen as ‘Not up to date’. Link immediately, publish, schedule ALL your accounts… Create material worth months or YEARS in only minutes. This is why Social Post Magic was born.  

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Why Use Social Post Magic?

List of social Media Platforms

Using one of those digital social networking advertisement sites will be the best thing to do but the trouble is, they bill you every month up to $99 every single month. And that’s dipping away the income long before you’ve made them. In just a second, I’m going to bring you to a solution that ensures you don’t have to compromise between operating your company and spending time with them to raise money for your families.

A great cause of free traffic is social media. And in a culture where there’s nothing we can continue to ignore for free. You’ve got to be in this position to earn it. The problem is that this day and age would just not cut it only making a few social networking pages and sharing every now and then. That isn’t enough. You need to post a ton of material, and you need to publish it regularly. And the crappy part is-it takes time for this. It is tiring and time intensive to share on social media as frequently as you like to.    

How to Use Social Post Magic?

Social Post Magic Dashboard

    1. Schedule Your Post: You will schedule your posts to appear on either site at any moment with Social Post Magic. In other terms, you can do a tiny blogging session anytime you want rather than when you have to. Schedule at periods where you realize your articles would go radioactive, or schedule in various time zones to fit your followers. It’s up to you whether you choose to share; Social Post Magic makes it super quick.
    2. Post to multiple platforms: You should install limitless channels so that you never have to flick from platform to platform, and still keep logged in which ensures you have complete power of the whole management on social media. Under one dashboard everything. And that means you can conveniently post with only one click on various platforms.
    3. Automatic Repost: You can automatically create up a library of posts with Social Post Magic when you post, ideally tailored to you and your business. Social Post Magic cleverly divides it into groups for you, sorting the material library into sets that are simple to locate and easy to handle. That means what you need to do is to maintain a consistent stream of content that reaches your fans and followers every day.
    4. Wait for Profit: You would never need to think about manually uploading something ever again with your automated social networking team operating for you on autopilot. Simply plan your post and wait for your profits as you see your post and advertisement swarm across multiple social media platforms


    Social Post Magic Pricing

    There are 2 pricing options for Social Profit magic. 

    • $67 (One Time payment)
    • $19.95 / month


    Who should use Social Post Magic?

    That equates to more capital, more independence, more possibilities… Uh, right? Anything that in the modern digital era is very likely through social networking. Still we’re going to face it… A setback, sadly, remains. You will learn that there is a lot of work that is required on social media to get the kind of revenue that are expected to get you the kind of income you earn. And whatever the social networking strategy you chose, daily updates and all channels have to be included. You would never be able to afford to be left out as each platforms has its own circle of users and in turn, generate your revenue.  

    So if you are running your own business that need traffic and exposure, then this tool is for you.



    It is always interesting what social media can do to an individual. But there is limitation Everyone knows that they should be doing more on social media. But the complain is almost the same to everyone. I don’t have Time. And I understand . We all have duties and responsibilities that take up most of out time leaving us exhausted with no energy left to do anything meaningful on our life on social media. This is always the reason behind the release of software of such type.

    The question is whether Social Post Magic is worth it or not. Everyone assumes that they can do more on social networking, but there are restrictions. The complaint, however, is about the same for everybody. I have little time. And I’m understanding. We also have commitments and obligations that eat up much of the day, leaving us drained with little room left to do something constructive on social media throughout our lives.

    This is often the purpose behind the introduction of apps of this sort. It’s a constant, never ending work, in truth. It’s about getting the home redecorated. It seems like you’re never about to complete the job and you’ve got to start all over again. Copying and pasting article after post… Signing into site after site on social media. It’s boring, it’s tedious, it consumes resources. And there are definitely much easier ways to invest the time, to put it plainly. But if it’s at the golf course, or investing it on a grandchild.

    A strategy that saves you time, money and doesn’t cost you a lot every month needs to be sought. You may still use someone else to do things for you, so it’s going to cost you at least $200 a month, because it always takes a serious period of time.

    Thus, if you want to leverage social media platforms to increase your revenue in an effortless manner, then this tool is for you.  

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