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Squid Proxies is an open source proxy caching server that operates as an intermediary between the user and Internet. It provide both shared proxies and private proxies for large scale projects and guaranteed quality respectively. The private proxy is exclusive as it only serve a user at any time. The proxy server is allocated to serve few ip addresses to main the speed and uptime.

Private Proxies provide anonymous http and https proxies which can access any website using major web browser such as Safari, IE, Firefox, Chrome etc and high level of IP anonymity.

Shared Proxies cater to large scale projects with unlimited bandwidth, multiple ip subnets, super fast servers, anonymous with fresh IPs.

Squid Proxies

Squid Proxies support the following protocols

  • http, port 80
  • ICP, port 3130
  • SSL
  • CARP
  • ICP, Port 3130
  • SNMP, port 3401
  • FTP, port 21
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Squid Proxies Packages

There are 2 main categories of package provided by Squid Proxies namely Private Proxies and Shared Proxies which are meant for larger scale projects.

Squid Proxies Private Proxies Package

Squid Proxies Package

Squid Proxies Private Proxies start from $24 per month or $2.40 per proxy for their package SPP-10. The upper range of Squid Proxies Private Proxies goes to $1,500 per month or $0.75 per proxy for SPP-2000 package. Price mainly depends on number of proxies assigned.

Squid Proxies Shared Proxies Package

Squid Proxies Shared Proxies Package

Shared Proxies package start from a hefty of $100 per month or $1.00 per proxy for SPS-100 package to custom package for those who need more proxies. It handles large scale project that needs more bandwidth and multiple subnets.

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