Vodien Web Hosting

Vodien Web Hosting is the leading hosting supplier in Asia that offers quick access to guests in the locale. Their clients have been recovering from various places in Asia such as Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Switzerland, and United States.

Vodien was previously known as Vodien Studios Founded in 2002 and focused on web design and web development. It earned expertise and changed to fill an important role. It is reliable, quality, affordable, and environmentally friendly Singapore-based web hosting.

Vodien has a high performance hosting solutions such as their website hosting and email, colocation, server, security and connectivity, all backed by 24/7 super support. It supports over thirty-five thousand companies and two hundred ten thousand users.


Some of their internet services provided are email hosting, data protection, purchasing professional domain names, cloud hosting, web hosting, web and reseller services. Additionally, they have featured on their clients as Poplook, Ida Singapore, Olympus, Kose, Singtel, MGP, and Adam Khoo and others.

According to Jervis Lee, sales engineer of Vodien Internet Solutions is their team expert and selected. Each of them is well-trained and experienced with another online hosting in the world. By getting people out of their company is not just about how to work online, every individual of their team is good and expert to cope with and learn the latest web hosting technology.

By debit card, credit card, Paypal or WorldPay customers can easily make their services through their portal and online payments.

Check out Vodien Web Hosting Package

Vodien Web Hosting Package

A whole slaughter of plans was acquired by Vodien for grabs that would fit the needs of individuals from personal to the enterprise. They will have a closer look through this review on the most common Web Hosting, Business Hosting, Email Hosting, and VPS Hosting.

  • Fully Managed Web Hosting (S$10/Per Month)
    • 24/7 Hosting Support
    • Affordable Pricing
    • Easy Upgrade and Downgrade
  • Fully Managed Business Hosting (S$25/Per Month)
    • 24/7 Hosting Support
    • SSD Storage Drives
    • Premium Features
  • Fully Managed Email Hosting (S$4/Per Month)
    • 24/7 Hosting Support
    • Reliable Email Service
    • Anti Virus and Spam
  • Fully Managed 24/7 Hosting Support VPS Hosting (S$99/ Per Month)
    • SSD Storage
    • High Customisability
    • Dedicated Resources


Vodien is the best hosting provider in Singapore with no doubt and stability. Each of their plans and sub-plans is full of excellence in those expense features-whereas the average is high enough-is perfectly suited. If you feel that your choice is that they require a little extra, they have groups of booster packs and optional add-ons that are available at reasonable cost. It is paired with customer service with great and general reliability with a choice hosting provider of Singapore and South Asia and more.

Check out Vodien Web Hosting Package
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