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WAB Sender Software


How does it function?
Installing the chrome plugin is the first thing to do. Notice that only in the Chrome browser does this operate. Open https://web.whatsapp.com/ after download and then press the WAB Sender button to trigger it.


Set up your Name List
You may either directly key the numbers or upload them with their related variables using CSV file. Make sure the number is in the right format, exclude the country code. Submit at any point just one list per country, as the chosen country code is immediately appended to the contact number.


Drafting The Message
A work of art is the writing of the whatsapp messages. Start by telling people how to get their addresses. To get more answers, personalize the texts. Go right to the point and skip long messages.



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Why Use WAB Sender? (Features and Benefits)


WAB Sender UI

Hassle Free. If you try sending Personalise Whatsapp messages to a list of recipient before, you know this is very tedious. You have to personalise the name and send 1 by 1. WAB Sender automate this process by sending it out for you on autopilot. Simply upload contact list, draft messages, sit back and see WAB Sender sending out your Whatsapp Messages.

More Response. As compared to Broadcast Whatsapp messages, WAB Sender personalise messages definitely have better response as recipient one look knows whether that a mass broadcast messages or personalise message. A personalise message with the name address to the recipient tend to have more response rate.

Scalable. This software allows you to scale. Be it adding more recipients or more variables to customise in your messages, both can be done.



WAB Sender Pricing


WAB Sender cost about USD 3 per month. Yes. You see it correctly. Just USD 3 and you can start sending your Personalise Whatsapp messages on autopilot. 



Who should Use WAB Sender?

Everybody should be using WAB Sender as most people are now on Whatsapp. Be it greeting all your friends, or personalised messages to your clients, this chrome extension really save you alot of work.  Especially if your Whatsapp Messages needs personalising.



If you are looking for the right tool to automate your Personalise Whatsapp messages, this tool is for you. With its low entry price of just close to USD 3 per month, its simply a must use tool that save you lots of time. 

Sending Personalise messages will have have open and responsive rate, as compared to mass broadcast whatsapp messages. 


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